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After School CareDressing up

After School Operates from 3pm to 6.15pm. Care is also provided from 7.15am to 6.15pm on Pupil Free Days when the school staff have professional development.

We aim to provide many choices for children in our after school care program. After a highly scheduled school day, we believe the children should have some downtime and an opportunity to make their own decisions and 'hang out' with friends.We aim to provide regular routines/ activities to provide stability, coupled with different daily activities to expose children to new opportunities and provide variety. We believe children need to be engaged and feel a sense of agency and belonging to make optimum choices. We also believe decision making is a learned skill and aim to equip children with this valuable life skill. Children may choose to play inside or outside, go to the homework club and/or computer room, help prepare daily snack or take part in an organised activity such as sport, cooking or craft. The environment is set up so that children may also choose such activities such as dress ups/home corner, board games, construction, lego, car tracks. Children may put their name down to play Nintendo 64 after 4pm.

Homework Club
A homework club operates Mondays to Thursdays from 3.10pm to 4.15pm. A staff person assists children with their homework if that is required. If you would like your child/ren to attend the homework club please advise OSHC staff and we will call them at the time the homework club opens and encourage them to do their homework. We dont 'force' children into the homework club, but do provide incentives such as free use of the computers afterwards!

luke bdComputers
We have a computer hub in the smaller end of our room . Children are able to use the computers to do homework, play games and search the internet (under supervision of an adult). From Monday to Thursday children are only able to access computers to do their homework, or as a reward after completing their homework in the Homework Club. On Fridays the computers are available for everyone.

Children have a light snack when signing in which usually consists of fruit and a slice of bread with their choice of topping, and then a more substantial snack at 4.15pm. Please refer to our Food and Nutrition Policy on this website for guidelines around the healthy food we serve and promote. If children attend after school care on the actual day of their birthday we provide a cake and sing happy birthday at snack time. The birthday child then gets to invite their friends up first for snack so that they get a piece of cake. The birthday fairy doesnt always notify us of upcoming birthdays, so we appreciate if you confirm beforehand if your child is coming to OSHC on the day of their birthday.

Before School Careolivia & annalise

Before School Care operates from 7am to 8.30am.

Breakfast is provided (at no extra cost) for all children who arrive by 8.10am.

Various equipment and organised activities are available for children in morning school care and they have a choice of playing indoors and outdoors. Children must be signed in each morning to be eligible to receive government subsidies.