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Welcome to St Pius X OSHC Website!

This is the website for St Pius X Outside School Hours Care
8 Windsor Grove, Windsor Gardens, SOUTH AUSTRALIA 5086.
Contact us on 8369 1489 or oshc@stpiusx.catholic.edu.au

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St Pius X Outside School Hours Care Service is committed to providing a rich learning environment for school age children, where children are free to play, investigate, find adventure and be challenged.

We Believe:
Children are individuals and will learn and grow to achieve their maximum potential in a rich learning environment which has been created to encourage their ability to play freely, investigate, find adventure and be challenged.
Learning through play is important. Children need some structure and routine and plenty of opportunity to be naturally inquisitive while taking measured risks in a safe environment.
All children learn differently. Guidance can enhance all areas of development including social and emotional development. Children’s behaviour can be positively guided to develop acceptable behaviour patterns and enhance their wellbeing.
Children are committed and involved learners. They are invited to contribute to the service program to challenge, create, explore and further develop their individual identities.
It is important for children to understand and explore the natural environment and to become environmentally responsible.
We will build strong connections with our culturally diverse community through being easily accessible, maintaining links to a wider support network for families and being open and responsive to the changing needs of the community.
Self-reflection and continuous improvement enables our service to grow and flourish.
Therefore we will:
 Provide a variety of stimulating, fun activities which take into account children’s individual needs, interests, abilities, ages and diverse backgrounds;
 Place an emphasis on the child and foster strong positive relationships
 Allow children to explore the world around them, their relationships with others, develop skills and build their self-esteem through play
 Empower children with skills for life such as negotiation, communication, independence, resilience and decision making
 Respect each child as an individual and promote a positive self-image and acceptable behaviour patterns
 Encourage children to explore their natural environment and educate them about environmental sustainability.
 Meet the ever-changing needs of all families who require outside school hours care in a safe, nurturing caring and supportive community
 Ensure there are regular mechanisms designed to evaluate and reflect on all aspects of service delivery.

The OSHC Service is endorsed by the St Pius X School Board, and the values, beliefs and policies complement the school’s own. Open communication with families will be actively encouraged, as will the participation of parents/carers in planning and decision making about the Service. The Service is managed by an OSHC committee which meets approximately once a term and everyone is welcome to attend & participate in the meetings.

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Our Approach to Behaviour Guidance....

St. Pius X OSHC Service is committed to meeting the needs of the children in care in a way that fosters a positive and nurturing environment. The safety of all staff and children are a priority. Children and staff are to be treated respectfully. Within the service environment, staff and children work collaboratively to define consequences for the actions of children who disregard the safety and respect of others. The service has clear steps for unacceptable behaviour, which are compatible with the school policies and procedures.

We believe that to effectively guide children’s behaviour we need to: